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Airless Shot Blast Systems

Airless Shot Blasting Machines

For inhouse, in line production surface preparation or batch cleaning of small parts, Blast-OneĀ® offers Airless Shot Blasting Systems. Used for descaling, shot peening, deburring, key finishing or for the removal of sand, rust or paint.

Shot Blasting is used extensively by Foundries, steel fabricators, investment casters, automotive component manufacturers and heat treaters. Contact Blast-OnerĀ® for specialist advice and Custom Designs.

Airless Shot Blasting Machines

The 5 Basic Elements of an Airless Blast System

  1. One or more airless blast wheels for propelling the abrasive by centrifugal force in a controlled pattern and direction.
  2. A Cabinet that contains the abrasive material as the blast wheel performs its cleaning action.
  3. A work handling system to present the work to be cleaned to the abrasive action of the wheel[s].
  4. An abrasive cleaning and recycling system to transport, condition and clean the abrasive, removing contaminants and fines from the useful abrasive before going back to the wheel[s].
  5. Dust Collector to remove all dust and abrasive fines from the blast machine and environment for a clean and safe operating environment.

What is Airless Blasting?

The introduction of the airless blast wheel was a major revolution for the blast cleaning Industry. Instead of using compressed air to propel abrasive, the abrasive is thrown from a rapidly rotating wheel onto the work to be cleaned.

The throwing action is achieved through a centrifugal force, where a wheel with radially located blades is rotated at high speed. Onto the revolving wheel, abrasive is fed in such a manner that it travels along the radial length of the blades and is thrown off in a high velocity stream at the surface to be cleaned.

Airless Blast System

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