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Portable Decontamination Systems

Decontamination is essential for workers when leaving the containment work area after working on Hazardous Projects, such as Lead-Based Paint removal.

Lead can be absorbed through the respiratory and digestive system - therefore it is critical to remove any contaminated clothes and wash immediately after exiting a work area (especially before handling any food).

The Blast-One Portable Decontamination Systems are trailer mounted, which allows it be easily mounted, which allows it to be easily manoeuvred close to the exit of the containment.

A typical Blast-One 'Decon' Trailer feature an exterior handwash station, 'Dirty' entrance chamber, dual in-built showers with hot and cold water, waste water filtration system and a 'Clean' exit chamber.

Decontamination trailer
Decontamination trailer - Interior

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