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Tip #62
Are you being affected by Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a fossil fuel emission - it's a odourless and poisonous gas that can kill by depriving your bloodstream of oxygen. Carbon Monoxide can be present in breathing air supplied from an air compressor when:

  • there is combustion of lubricating oils from an overheating or malfunctioning compressor
  • the intake of the air compressor becomes contaminated by the exhaust of any internal combustion engine placed nearby.

CO is colourless and odourless so the operator will be unaware of any danger.


What are the symptoms of Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

  • Persistent tiredness and sleepiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mild or severe headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness


Are you being affected by carbon monoxide?

If you feel fine when you are out in the fresh air but experience any of the above symptoms when using monitored air, seek immediate medical attention and tell the medical professional that you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Extreme carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to confusion, loss of consciousness (this can occur quickly if the level of carbon monoxide is high) and even death.

Breathing air is so important - protect yourself and your workers from this deadly poison with a carbon monoxide monitor.

Radex Blast-Man Boat

Blast-One recommend that all workers using air-fed respirators be protected by this innovative advancement in carbon monoxide monitoring.

Why the Radex Monitor is so unique

How can you be certain your unit is working? The design team at RPB® has designed a unique CO Monitor that’s easy to use and has advanced traceability features for ultimate peace of mind.

What makes the RPB® unit unique? Advanced traceability. RPB® software lets you view and download data showing alarms, carbon monoxide level and temperature. Measure and record exactly in real time your breathing air supply. The unit will hold up to two years information. The RPB® Radex CO MonitorTM verifies that the unit is working, and data recording provides total traceability.

The step-by-step calibration is totally fail-safe. Operators press CAL CHECK, then OK to be stepped through the Calibration Check. The calibration is stored in the on board memory and changes can only be made by a factory-approved technician. The RPB® Radex CO MonitorTM can be as simple or as high-tech as you need.

radex monitor mounted WEB
radex monitor numbers WEB

The RPB® Radex CO MonitorTM is encased in a tough polypropylene case. The front panel has a mylar film to withstand harsh conditions. Control buttons are tactile and will withstand 1,000,000 presses.

02-800 Monitor c/w 12 volt power adapter, RPB® software, USB cable and supply hose. 02-801 Monitor c/w 6ft battery cable, RPB® software, USB cable and supply hose. The unit can be mounted on a RPB® Radex Airline Filter or wall mounted using 08-231 aluminium wall bracket.

The RPB® Radex CO MonitorTM is fitted with a buzzer alarm as standard. This alarm can be supported with one or more options that connect to the 12 volt output. - strobe warning light - air horn - siren - normally open solenoid that can shut down the compressed air to equipment when alarming - normally closed solenoid that opens air supply to the respirators when the RPB® RADEX CO MONITORTM is turned on, this solenoid will pulsate the air supply when alarming.

1. Connect power
2. Connect air supply
3. Turn on

Some air compressors produce oily, contaminated air - to protect your carbon monoxide alarm from contaminants fit a coalescing filter - Speak to us at Blast-One.

Download the 'Requirements for Air Quality for Supplied Air Respirators' report here.

Read about respiratory protection and the full 'Abrasive Blasting' code of practice from Safe Work Australia here.


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