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Are you getting the benefits of a well lit blast site?

17 Ways to Blast a Tank

Get some light on your tank blasting site and make it profitable

Blasting in a tank or an unlit structure can be not only difficult and time consuming but it can be dangerous with many hazard to cause harm and injury on a blasting site. There are many reasons why a dark blasting and painting site puts you at a disadvantage and we all know that the answer to these problems is to have a well-lit area.


Let’s go over some of the advantages of having a blasting and painting site well lit.

  1. Obviously a major advantage of lighting up your site is the safety one – reducing expensive claims and staff leave by ensure the many hazards are visible to the blasters means injury and lost time are minimised. On tank jobs where multiple blasters/painters are working close together it is important that they can see and avoid each other too.
  2. By having the correct lighting you get a cleaner surface first time around. This means that you get less re-work and it reduces the need to go back and clean up patches that were not cleaned to the correct specification due to poor visibility. This is a saving of time and money.
  3. When a site is well-lit you can reduce the amount of time the whole tank takes to blast and paint. It actually takes less time because the blasters and painters have a clear view of what they are doing. One customer said that he saved 11% of the blasting time just by having good lighting and visibility inside his tank.
  4. Good visibility means a much higher quality job and therefore no repainting because of coating failure. When the inspector or the customer checks the job for coating adhesion any areas of poor blasting or painting holidays can get very expensive. Light up and keep the inspector and your customer much, much happier.

The good news is that dim lighting does not have to hinder or slow your progress any more.There are a large range of lights available for all types of blasting environments. It is critical to have the correct lighting for your particular job – options that need to be considered will, no doubt, include intrinsically safe lighting or dust-proof lighting. Blast-One can help with whatever lighting requirements you have.

Lets go through some of what is available:

SafeLightTM S100 Explosion Proof Floodlight

• Compact, portable floodlight
• Ideal for use while abrasive blasting or painting in confined spaces, scaffolds, etc
• Height – approx. 16” (41cm)
• Approved to UL Class I, Division I, Group D & G
• 120V / 240V, 300 Watt incandescent multi-directional light is standard
• Complete kit includes 100ft (30m) of HD power cable and non-hazardous plug

View product details here.

explosion proof flood light
SafeLightTM S100 Explosion Proof Tank Light

• Ideal for lighting large areas while painting – i.e. internals of tanks
• Approved to UL Class I, Division I, Group C & D
• Replaceable Plexiglas lens
• Can rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically
• Lightweight Aluminum construction
• Light fixture can be removed from cart and bolted to fixed object (i.e. manhole entry)
• Available with 18” or 24” diameter light head
• 120V / 240V, 400 Watt metal halide light globe
• Complete kit includes 250 feet (75m) of HD power cable and non-hazardous plug

View product details here.

explosion proof tank light
Safety Fluorescent Lighting System

• Ideal for smaller tanks and other dimly lit locations
• Standard 32 Volt power supply step-down transformer for extra safety
• Robust protective casing
• Optional explosion proof versions available

View product details here.

Fluorescent Lighting System
Illuminator Blast Light (purchase helmet separately)

• Retrofits to a NOVA 2000 helmet
• ‘Hands-free’ design
• Safety 12 Volt operation
• Blast light supplied with mounting bracket
• Complete Kit includes cover shroud, helmet lead and belt-level connector, 66 feet (20 metre) extension cable with connectors, and 15 feet (5 metre) battery adaptor lead with alligator clips

View product details here.

Air Powered Lighting Systems

• Class 1, Zone 1 (AUS) Rated, Explosion Proof Lighting
• Powered by internal air-turbine generator
• No electrical cables – requires special static conductive air hose
• Safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

View product details here.

;air powered light
SafeLightTM S10 LED Hard Hat Light

• Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous atmospheres, i.e. spray painting in confined spaces
• Approved to UL Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
• One super high lux LED provides up to 11 hours of run time
• Push-button switch provides easy operation when wearing heavy gloves
• Impact and water resistant
• Requires three “AA” alkaline batteries
• Includes both elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap

View product details here.

blast one hard hat light
Low Voltage Blast Lights

• Aluminum blast light straps to the blast hose
• Low voltage 12V operation for operator safety
• Ideal for blasting in tanks, ship hulls, and other non-flammable locations
• Complete light includes 80ft (24 metre) cable with connector, battery adaptor lead with alligator clips
• Explosion Proof Blast Light available upon request

View product details here.

low voltage blast hose lights
'LED' Low Voltage Blast Light

• Very long lasting – the LED’s will last 20x the life of a halogen globe
• Each blast light complete system comes with 100 feet (30m)
of HD cable, power pack, primary cord and plug
• Polyurethane construction offers durability, abrasion resistance and is very lightweight
• Multi-outlet power packs are available if running multiple lights

View product details here.

Low voltage blast hose LED light
S400 hazardous area lighting system

This maintenance free LED array has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours! The mast is fully extendable to a height of 820mm with a 360 degree rotating lamp head. The activation switch is covered and sealed with rubber and is waterproof.

You can operate the unit using a high or low setting (for extended battery life), giving an output of 1500 or 750 lumens of light. Its weight is a mere 7.9kg, however, it allows it the stability required for industrial usage. The light head is sealed against rain and splashed water. Burning times are 5 hours (High) or 10 hours (Low) and is powered by a Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery.

View product details here.

hazardous area lighting system
The Brick

• Suitable for Hazardous and Wet Locations
• Certified a Portable Luminary-Hand Held, T-4, T-5, 2 Amp, Grounded
• Multiple Mounting Options-Unique Magnetic & Mechanical Designs
• Constructed to survive jobsite handling
• Ergonomic Design-Light Weight
• Compact Protective Paint Overspray Covers
• Protective Abrasive Blast Lens
• Interchangable Anti-Glare Diffusers-Color Filters
• Minimal Operating Cost and Minimal Maintenance
• Instant On/Instant Off

View product details here.

the brick light

Then there are larger options for large tank projects:

Lighting towers

• Available in 2 sizes – 4000W or 6000W
• Straight or Articulated Hydraulic Tower Mast
• Powered by Powerful Diesel Generator
• Large fuel tanks for uninterrupted use
• Towable Trailer Mounted Units
• Silenced for quiet operation

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.



Inspection lighting options:

When it comes to measuring the blasting conditions, the surface profile and finally the coating quality it is very important that the lighting is good. There are a number of options for making these tasks possible even if the project lighting is no longer in place or simply to enhance visibility in hard to see corners. Of course the inspector needs good light too – probably more so. Call us to discuss these options and more.


S20 LED Hand-Held Hazardous Area Inspection Light

• Rechargeable light approved for hazardous area use
• Intrinsically safe UL Approved to Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D
• Dual Mode multi-function:
  • 320 Lumens Floodlight
  • 240 Lumens Flashlight
• Up to 18 hours run time depending on mode
• Chemical and moisture resistant, impact resistant housing
• Length: 13.6 inches (34cm) – Weight: 28 ounces (0.8kg)
• Complete kit includes Light, AC & DC Chargers and Adaptors (shown in inset)
• NW 914 IS Torch (3 x C-Cell) also available

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.

Rechargeable Inspector's Flashlights

• Powerful, rechargeable lights
• Rugged, robust casing
• Recharge kits included
• Optional Compact LED Flashlights available

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.


Call us at Blast-One on 1800 882 229 to discuss further all your lighting needs and ensure you keep productivity, quality and safety levels up to ensure profitability of your tank project.


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