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Tip #88
Are you aware of the benefits of wearing blasting overalls?

Safety Alert – what's wrong with the below picture?


Dangers of not wearing blasting overalls

  • Aggravation of exposed skin on wrists
  • Thin clothing offers little protection from high pressure abrasive flow
  • Vulnerable to atmospheric conditions, increased fatigue and the potential for exhaustion
  • Poorly fitted blast helmet

Many blasters do not believe the necessity of wearing blasting overalls on their jobsites. Abrasive blasting can cause permanent injury and illness - or even kill, if the correct protective means are not undertaken. By not wearing the right safety clothing whilst abrasive blasting the operator is putting themselves at risk of skin abrasions and even the loss of limbs if they come in contact with the abrasive flow for even a short period of time. This can cause granules to be embedded in the skin which can lead to ongoing medical conditions.

Thin clothing also exposes the blaster to extreme weather conditions, such as heat, which can result in dehydration and reduced focus.


Image: Injury resulting from lack of correct protective clothing worn by blaster.

Blasting overalls have many benefits including the ability to prevent serious injury, manage fatigue and improve blaster comfort.


Avoid nasty whip injury
The integrity of blasting overalls shields the operator from both accidental skin aggravation, discomfort in confined space work and avoids “catch up” when moving in small spaces.

Avoid abrasive rebound (peppering)
Sturdy reinforced nylon fronted overalls give protection against abrasive rebound whilst blasting. The abrasive cannot penetrate the material, keeping the operator safe from injury. Heavy duty nylon gives extra protection to the arms and fronts of legs.

Optional high-vis for site visibility
Be seen everywhere on site by wearing a high visibility blast suit.

Can easily be washed in a domestic laundry machine for hygiene and cost effectiveness.

Operator Comfort

Manage fatigue with breathable overalls
Cotton material on the back and upper chest of blasting overalls keeps the operator cool and maintains hydration in hot conditions, and whilst in cooler conditions avoids hypothermia with the use of a warm tube.

Be savvy with your cooling air tube
Air that exits the Nova helmet can be directed into the collar of the overalls. It's like having your own personal air conditioner!

Tabs for your wrists and ankles
The self-locking velcro tabs that tie around ankles and wrists prevent grit from aggravating the skin and keeps dust out.

Easy movement
Perfect sizing range and the flexibility of the material allows the blaster to work without any hindrance of movement ability.

Invest in knee pads
Optional knee pad inserts protect the knees when working in confined spaces, such as tanks, and when kneeling is required for lengthy periods of time.

Correct sizing is important
Choosing the correct size of blasting overalls is easy with our size reference chart.


For assistance choosing the correct size overalls please call our sales team on 1800 882 229.

It is important to make sure that your blasting overalls have been manufactured and tested accordingly.


Blast-One offers a range of leather of nylon fronted blasting overalls designed to enhance worker comfort and protect the wearer from blasting hazards.

View our range of overalls here.

Contact Blast-One today and improve your safety with blasting overalls!


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