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Tip #16
Is your Airless Hose blocked?

A blocked paint line can be a real hindrance when you want top performance.

Check regularly to keep your spraying production at its peak.

Is your spray pattern irregular?
Can't achieve a nice spray pattern?

It may be your airless spray hose!

An airless hose can block up (like narrowed arteries) which means the spray tip will not achieve a proper spray pattern.

This is because the pressure behind the spray tip is reduced - the hose won't let the paint through!

A blocked hose can also let old paint flecks from previous jobs break off and block your tip, wasting precious time and paint.

Bad Pattern

Bad Pattern

Good Pattern

Good Pattern

What to look for.

Bad pressure causing dripping and uneven spray pattern.

How to check your pressure.

When you flush your pump, take the gun off. You should have a nice steady stream of fluid from the hose - not a trickle.

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