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Tip #92
Correct airless hose sizing is CRITICAL for productive and effective spraying

Often the selection of an airless hose is based on cost or ease of use. By ensuring you select the correct airless hose you not only safeguard against dangerous burst failures but can also increase productivity.

Spray with the correct pressure rated hose

The most flexible hose may not always be the safest to use. The pressure rating of the hose should always be higher than the maximum output of the pump. There is a severe risk of personal injury to use a spray hose with a pressure rating which is less than than the pump output pressure. If flexibility is a major issue, use a smaller ID whip hose between the gun and the main hose with the correct pressure rating. This will cause less pressure drop than running the entire length in a smaller ID hose.

Spray with as large as is practical ID hose

When you increase the size of your paint hose, you decrease pressure loss and improve flow. Reduced pressure loss helps the pump to work more efficiently. Flow improvements that come from increasing hose size include not only higher volume but smoother flow as well. Smoother flow reduces pulsation which in turn provides a more even spray pattern.

Check the safety factor on your airless hose

All airless hose is manufactured with a burst point safety factor to ensure that in an emergency the hose will cope with being over pressurised. Blast-One hose has 4:1 safety factor, i.e. a 7250 psi hose will take up to 29,000 psi. Many cheap hoses have a lower safety factor.

Typical airless hose construction
Airless Hose Cut Away

The construction of an airless hose can vary slightly according to the type of hose. The illustration above is for a high pressure hose. A lower pressure hose may have less reinforcement to provide greater flexibility.

Hose Guide

Spray hoses are available in various types, sizes and lengths including special Teflon core liner hose. The colour of the hose indicates the recommended output psi.

Hose Guide

Whip hoses are lightweight, flexible hoses which makes spray gun movement easier for the operator. Safety spring guards are fitted to whip hose ends.

Hose Guide

The part numbers listed above are for 50' (15 metre) lengths. Other sizes and pressure ratings are also available. Please contact Blast-One for other available options.

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