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Tip #14
Correct Hose Sizing is CRITICAL for Productive Blasting

Correct hose sizing is critical for productive and efficient blasting. Improperly sized hose will have a major effect on your blasting production, abrasive consumption, the surface finish, surface profile and the wear on your blasting equipment. It is very important to size hoses correctly for efficient blasting.

AIR SUPPLY HOSE : Minimum size – 4 times the blast nozzle orifice.
Maximum size – no upper limit for air hose.

BLAST HOSE : Minimum size – 3 times the blast nozzle orifice.
Maximum size – 5 times.

Bull Hoses
Get the most productivity from your air hose

Use a large ID size. When it comes to air compressor hose, bigger is always better. Running large ID air line (1 ½” or 2”) from your compressor to your blast pot reduces the friction pressure loss caused in smaller, more restrictive sizes. Air pressure drops have a large impact on production. One 2” hose is better than 4 x 1” hoses!

Air Hoses
Blast Hoses
Get the best production possible

Make sure your blast hose is large enough to make the most of your nozzle. You know that to get the highest, fastest production out of your blasting set–up you need to run the largest blast nozzle that your air source can support. But, don’t forget the blast hose. It won’t do you much good to run small blast hose to a large nozzle or vice versa.

Blast Hose
Hose selection guide chart
Shorter is better
Don’t lose pressure

Keep your air hose and blast hose lengths short. Put your compressor as close to the blast pot as possible, and keep your pot near your blasters to shorten the distance the air has to travel and keep pressure drops to a minimum.

It’s especially helpful to keep blast hose length short since pressure drops are even greater than in air hose because you’re pushing abrasive and compressed air through the line.

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