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Tip #89
How much coverage should I expect to get from a litre of paint?

The Answer depends on the following:
  • The corrected volume solids (%) of the coating
  • The transfer efficiency of the equipment
  • The thickness of the paint applied

A litre of paint will cover 40m2 at 25 microns at 100 percent solids.

Let’s take the parameters above to calculate a sample production line.
  1. Percent solids = 40%
  2. Transfer efficiency of the equipment = 60%
  3. Thickness of the paint = 50 microns

The percent solids will reduce the 40m2 to 16m2 (40 x 0.4)

The transfer efficiency will reduce the 16m2 to 9.6m2 (16 x 0.6)

The film build will reduce the 9.6m2 to 4.8m2 (9.6 x 0.5)

As you can see, our original 40m2 has been reduced to 4.8m2.

Use the Blast-One Paint Coverage Calculator here.

Spray painting tank


The major variable in the above is transfer efficiency. It can vary considerably depending on the following:
  • What was the required quality of the finish? (sheen, orange peel, gloss etc.)
  • What was the required micron thickness?
  • What was the size and shape of the part?
  • What was the spacing of the part?
  • What was the line speed?
  • Was proper spray technique used?
  • What type of coating was used?
Paint Coverage Table


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