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Tip #104
Double safeguard your couplings and your life

If couplings are disconnected at high pressure, serious injury or death could occur!

To reduce the possibility of this occurrence, whipchecks and coupling pins should be used at every hose connecting point along the entire length of your Blast or Bull hose. On most blasting sites it is mandatory that Whipchecks are used on each side of couplings and at all high pressure hose connection points.

For instance, whipchecks in addition to coupling pins should be installed at:

  • Each side of Blast Hose couplings
  • Each side of Bull Hose couplings
  • Inlet/outlet to Blast Machine, Air Prep etc.
  • Air Compressor to Bull Hose.


How do the Whipchecks protect you?

If a Blast/Bull hose connection point was to become disconnected accidentally or due to overdue maintenance etc, the high pressure would cause the ‘live’ end of the hose to go out of control, lashing out at anything in its path, including the blaster or bystanders. The hose would lash out with wild indiscriminate peltings in all directions – a chaotic situation. This has happened in some blasting operations and has caused very serious injury to blasting personnel.

With Whipchecks fitted, the situation becomes much less volatile as the couplings movement becomes more restricted and therefore giving much more time for the operator to shut down the air supply if a ‘break’ in the connection occurs.


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