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Tip #85
Drive success by collecting accurate data

It’s a commonly known management principle that the best business decisions are data driven decisions, but how many times do we as project managers, contractors, owners, foremen, site superintendents make decisions on ‘gut feeling’.

Examples include:

  • "Put about 3 bags of sand into the pot"
  • "We blasted for roughly 8 hours today"
  • "We got about 10 panels done"
  • "We put roughly about 20 pails of paint on today"

These are all very rough figures but it could get even worse.

For example:

  • The project manager asked the foreman what was today like…"yeah we got a good part of the tank blasted"
  • "Today was pretty good, did more than yesterday"
  • "Today was a challenge, hopefully it will be better tomorrow"

The vagueness of these pieces of information make them impracticable for data recording. What contractors really need is accurate data by the day – daily metrics. The routine of reporting daily metrics from each project is the secret to success, not only for the owner of the project, but also the site supervisor and contractors involved.

By capturing these daily metrics the project manager can accurately know exactly what is happening every day on site, even though he might be thousands of miles away. By doing this he is building a complete level of trust between himself, the site supervisor, the blasters and the painters in the field. This results in a more successful project, leading to increased profits and far better career advancement opportunities as the blasters and painters end up being put on the best and most high profile jobs.

worker data

We have a simple tool to help you capture your daily data metrics!

Look out for the metric record sheet coming soon!

In the next release we will advise what metrics an onsite blasting crew should measure every single day.