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Tip #98
Fit A Large Bore Flexible Whip Hose

You need to be a mighty big man of muscle to continually hang onto some of those blast hoses these days. By ensuring the Blast hose is 4 times the diameter of the nozzle sure helps keep the pressure up, but it becomes very hard to continually hold.

We recommend you fit a 6m (20ft) SUPAFLEX Whip hose between your blast hose and nozzle.

This special hose is made of high quality rubber to maintain life, but with thinner walls to make it lightweight and flexible. 'Supaflex' Whip hose has a large bore so you don't lose pressure to the nozzle.

Your operator will find it easier to blast, much less tiring on the back and easier to get into tough spots.

Don't use a smaller size blast hose as a whip hose. You'll just choke the system up.

Whip Hose
Whip Hose


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