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Tip #84
How do I get the most out of my Graco King/Xtreme pump?

More consistent fan pattern

Did you know that with a add-on kit for as little as $180 you can dramatically decrease the ‘diving’ or Cavitation effect when spraying with high solids paint. This kit includes a spring and Ball cage with fits over the ball on the bottom of the Extreme lower. It’s a five minute install and results in a more consistent fan pattern on top changeover at pump.

Increase packing life by up to 300%

Using the TuffStack complete packing kits with all seals and balls. The TuffStack packings are engineered from a special teflon/carbon which will the maximise life of the packings when using aggressive paint. This has been seen to increase the packing life by up to 300%.

Reversible tungsten carbide intake seat

Did you know that the standard intake seat on your Graco Extreme Lower is tungsten carbide and fully reversible? When one side wears – simply flip and use the other side! That gives you double the life.

Install a gravity fed paint hopper

If you are “hot-potting” you should consider adding a paint fed hopper on the front of your Graco Pump. This is manufactured from industrial grade nylon and removes the need to you to use the suction hose. This lessens cavitation as the lower is gravity fed and produces a more consistent fan pattern.

blaster with hose

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