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Tip #54
How do I spray properly when it's freezing cold?

The answer is – USE HEAT!

By applying heat we reduce the viscosity of the paint. Viscosity is effectively the “thickness” of the paint and this is affected by temperature. Generally the higher the viscosity of the paint, the more film build you can achieve per coat of paint.

The most common solution is to use a high pressure fluid Viscon Heater. Utilising heat can have other benefits beside just being able to spray in cold weather. Contractors often find that they are able to spray heavier (higher viscosity) coatings without needing to thin the paint, increasing their transfer rate.

paint viscosity heater performance
Here are more handy paint heating tips:
  • Insulate your hose from the pump heater to the gun
  • Use a heated hose kit to keep your product warm as it travels to your gun
  • Use a drum blanket for wrapping a 208 litre drum
  • Use a rigid metal band heater for a 19 litre pail
  • Use a 208 litre drum plate heater
  • Store paint and spray equipment in a heated building/room

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