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Tip #51
How do I calculate what voltage to set on my spark (holiday) tester for epoxy paint coatings?

A high voltage ‘spark test’ Holiday Detector is used to detect any air bubbles, inclusions, thin spots, bridging, hairline cracks, etc. in coatings. These are defective weak spots with potential for propagation of coating breakdown and failure which will cause rust.

A high voltage Holiday Detector works by passing a high voltage through to the conductive substrate to complete the electrical circuit. The holiday detector needs to be adjusted to pass the correct level of current depending on the thickness of the coating. Where the coating has a defect and the circuit is completed, the detector will activate an audible and visual alarm.

Used in accordance with ISO2746, AS3894-1 Standards.

Calculating the correct voltage for your high voltage tester.

Use our Blast-One calculater here to help determine the test voltage you need to set on your Spark (Holiday) Tester.

Calcuation of Test Voltage Sharper

Voltage Test

Learn more about the Blast-One high voltage holiday tester here.

Refer to the Blast-One catalogue pages 260-261 for various probe options and page 379 for calculation of test voltage.

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