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Tip #56
Is low light slowing your progress?

Blasting in a tank or an unlit room can be not only dfficult and time consuming but it can be dangerous. Dim lighting does not have to hinder or slow progress.

Blasting in a tank with low light

There are a large range of blasting lights available for all types of blasting enviroments. Whether the area is flammable or not it can be lit with a mobile blast light.

Blasting with low light
SafeLightTM S50 Explosion Proof Hand Lamp

• Portable, shock resistant, incandescent hand light for lighting areas while abrasive blasting or painting
• Commonly mounted in string light configuration (i.e. 5 or 10 light mounted on 1 primary power cord)
• Approved to UL Class I, Division I, Group C & D
• Rain Tight and Weatherproof
• Shock-resistant tempered glass
• Includes non-sparking aluminum guard
• 120V / 240V, 100 Watt light is standard. Low voltage light (12V DC) is also available upon request
• Specify length of power cable required
• Optional compact fluorescent bulb available upon request

View product details here.

explosion proof light
SafeLightTM S100 Explosion Proof Floodlight

• Compact, portable floodlight
• Ideal for use while abrasive blasting or painting in confined spaces, scaffolds, etc
• Height – approx. 16” (41cm)
• Approved to UL Class I, Division I, Group D & G
• 120V / 240V, 300 Watt incandescent multi-directional light is standard
• Complete kit includes 100ft (30m) of HD power cable and non-hazardous plug

View product details here.

explosion proof flood light
SafeLightTM S100 Explosion Proof Tank Light

• Ideal for lighting large areas while painting – i.e. internals of tanks
• Approved to UL Class I, Division I, Group C & D
• Replaceable Plexiglas lens
• Can rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically
• Lightweight Aluminum construction
• Light fixture can be removed from cart and bolted to fixed object (i.e. manhole entry)
• Available with 18” or 24” diameter light head
• 120V / 240V, 400 Watt metal halide light globe
• Complete kit includes 250 feet (75m) of HD power cable and non-hazardous plug

View product details here.

explosion proof tank light
Safety Fluorescent Lighting System

• Ideal for smaller tanks and other dimly lit locations
• Standard 32 Volt power supply step-down transformer for extra safety
• Robust protective casing
• Optional explosion proof versions available

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.

Fluorescent Lighting System
Air Powered Lighting Systems

• Class 1, Zone 1 (AUS) Rated, Explosion Proof Lighting
• Powered by internal air-turbine generator
• No electrical cables – requires special static conductive air hose
• Safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.

;air powered light
SafeLightTM S10 LED Hard Hat Light

• Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous atmospheres, i.e. spray painting in confined spaces
• Approved to UL Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
• One super high lux LED provides up to 11 hours of run time
• Push-button switch provides easy operation when wearing heavy gloves
• Impact and water resistant
• Requires three “AA” alkaline batteries
• Includes both elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap

View product details here.

blast one hard hat light
Low Voltage Blast Lights

• Aluminum blast light straps to the blast hose
• Low voltage 12V operation for operator safety
• Ideal for blasting in tanks, ship hulls, and other non-flammable locations
• Complete light includes 80ft (24 metre) cable with connector, battery adaptor lead with alligator clips
• Explosion Proof Blast Light available upon request

View product details here.

low voltage blast hose lights
'LED' Low Voltage Blast Light

• Very long lasting – the LED’s will last 20x the life of a halogen globe
• Each blast light complete system comes with 100 feet (30m)
of HD cable, power pack, primary cord and plug
• Polyurethane construction offers durability, abrasion resistance and is very lightweight
• Multi-outlet power packs are available if running multiple lights

View product details here.

Low voltage blast hose LED light
S400 hazardous area lighting system

This maintenance free LED array has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours! The mast is fully extendable to a height of 820mm with a 360 degree rotating lamp head. The activation switch is covered and sealed with rubber and is waterproof.

You can operate the unit using a high or low setting (for extended battery life), giving an output of 1500 or 750 lumens of light. Its weight is a mere 7.9kg, however, it allows it the stability required for industrial usage. The light head is sealed against rain and splashed water. Burning times are 5 hours (High) or 10 hours (Low) and is powered by a Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery.

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.

hazardous area lighting system
The Brick

• Suitable for Hazardous and Wet Locations
• Certified a Portable Luminary-Hand Held, T-4, T-5, 2 Amp, Grounded
• Multiple Mounting Options-Unique Magnetic & Mechanical Designs
• Constructed to survive jobsite handling
• Ergonomic Design-Light Weight
• Compact Protective Paint Overspray Covers
• Protective Abrasive Blast Lens
• Interchangable Anti-Glare Diffusers-Color Filters
• Minimal Operating Cost and Minimal Maintenance
• Instant On/Instant Off

For more information call Blast-One on 1800 882 229.

the brick light

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