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Tip #33
Is NOISE a problem in your operation?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) can and will impose harsh penalties for noise pollution created from your site.

Excessive noise is the largest source of complaints that the EPA handle.

You are required by law to fit mufflers to ANY ITEM or MACHINE that creates and EMITS NOISE above a specified level.

Noise level measurement
The types of machinery include:

Dust Collectors on Blast Rooms / Blast Pots / Spray Machines

To assist you in keeping your noise level down, it is important to select your equipment carefully.

Here are a couple of options that can help make a big difference:

Thompson Valve
The Thompson II Valve

The Thompson II Valve produces less noise than other valves - when there are less blowdowns, there is less noise!

Exhaust Valve Muffler
Exhaust Valve Muffler

The Exhaust Valve Muffler is fitted to a blast pots' blowdown hose and is a very effective tool for noise attenuation.

Keep your employees safe and avoid your neighbours reporting you to the authorities.

Call Blast-One on 1800 882 229 for free advice on how to reduce your noise level.

As regulations vary by State and Country, you need to check the regulations and ensure you are within the legal limit.

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