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Tip #06
Compressed air cleanliness is critical

One of the main reasons for blast cleaning is to remove surface contaminants, rust, old paint etc. to ensure a good coating adhesion to the substrate is achieved.

To obtain a clean surface, the compressed air must be clean – if it’s not, your blast cleaning will introduce new contaminants onto the substrate as you blast!

Contaminants can cause coating failure
Recommended check intervals

Test for air cleanliness:

  • before commencement of blasting
  • about every 4 hours of continual blasting.
The Blotter Paper Method to check air cleanliness......

7 Simple Steps:

  • Ensure appropriate safety precautions are in place – safety goggles etc.
  • Set up the blast equipment and start-up the compressor.
  • Secure the test paper apparatus.
  • When the compressor is warmed up, start the blast equipment running with NO abrasive in the airstream.
  • Position the nozzle so it is firing at the centre and within 600mm of the test sheet.
  • Continue the test for 2 minutes.
  • Shut off the air supply and quickly check the test paper for any visual sign, feel or smell of oil, moisture or other contaminants.


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