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Tip #34
Measuring Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) to ISO 8502

Soluble salts can be measured using the ISO 8502-9 standard. This Standard is being specified more often, with clients and engineers insisting on multiple readings.

Until recently, this was a tedious and time consuming task using a lot of ECO unfriendly and expensive consumables. Inconsistent results lead to discussions and reasons for concern in the field.

Soluble salts can be measured using the ISO 8502-9 standard

The Soluble Salt Meter is the first approved ISO8502-9 equivalent method, which after over 25 years design and testing, has taken automated soluble salt measurements to a new level!

The patented design provides a hand held paperless solution to measure the presence of soluble salts on flat and curved surfaces.

Measurement Using Soluble Salt Meter
Soluble Salt Meter

With this revolutionary measuring method the devious Bresle method can now be reproduced in an accurate and user friendly way without the use of consumables.

  • Accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9
  • Less time consuming
  • Lower price per measurement compared to using patches
  • Safer, no use of needles and syringes
  • No sticky residue on the surface after measurement
  • Measurements are digitally recorded instead of manually written and can be exported to any report.
Save time on your salt measurements
  • Magnetic attachment method - no adhesives
  • Automated water injection
  • Air evacuation automated
  • No clean up of residue left behind from Bresle and other adhesive patches
  • No manual recording of measurement values as the soluble Salt Meter holds up to 1000 readings
  • Correct measurements instantly. No calculations for temperature correction
  • All the measurements in your PC for seamless integration with your coating technical file
salt measurements on pipe

The Soluble Salt Meter combines surface salt extraction and conductivity measurement in one tool, allowing convenient and ergonomic operation.

The hand held design provides a self-contained, easily transportable, unit for soluble salt measurements. The SSM and supplied fluid dispenser allow for quick and accurate injection of deionised water, automatic extraction of surface salts and conductivity measurement.

The SSM is complete with a backlit LCD display and easy to follow on screen instructions. Up to 1000 measurements can be stored in the internal memory. This data can be downloaded to any PC and exported in Microsoft® Excel file format for use in any Coating Technical File (CTF) using the supplied software.

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