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Tip #17
Regular maintenance is so important

Our Daily Checklist makes sure you don't neglect to check your equipment for repairs and safety.

Sometimes when we are too busy, we may overlook an important maintenance check. Always check your gaskets to avoid extreme wear and potential damage to surrounding equipment. This can get very expensive!

Not only with equipment repair costs, but also with annoying down time.

This blasting contractor definately learned a lesson the hard way....

Once a gasket is worn, it allows air to escape. With this air comes the abrasive.

Very quickly the small leak wears and erodes the coupling and then continues to blast and damage anything in its way.

Classic Tips Replayed

The MegaBlaster (see below) base was blasted right through. The contractor is now up for repairs to his pressure vessel plus re-certification before it can be pressurised and used again.

worn gasket maintenance is important

This worn gasket is where the problems begin

maintenance is important

A small leak in a coupling can lead to a serious problem on your equipment

maintenance is important

As the problem becomes more severe, you can literally be throwing your money away!

Daily Checklist Pad

BE WISE – use the Checklist and keep your equipment in peak condition to ensure you are working at your maximum productivity.

Download your FREE Daily Checklist Pad here or call Blast-One on 1800 190 190 to have a Checklist pad posted out to you.


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