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Tip #82
Bonus Tip: The UHP SpinJet

17 Ways to Blast a Tank

Did you know that using the Blast-One UHP Water Blaster you can strip old tough coatings and rust scale from tank floors faster than abrasive blasting, without abrasive? All that is needed is a quick whip-blast afterwards to achieve the required class of blast.

The Blast-One Vortex SpinJet ‘Mower’ is a lightweight UHP water jet tool that is connected to a 40,000 PSI Waterjet pump, and a vacuum system to remove the waste water and debris. The ‘Mower’ strips a path 400mm wide, and leaves the surface totally stripped and dry ready for whip blasting.

SRT10 Crawler
Water Jet vs Grit

When you consider all the factors, NLB's HydroPrep system consistently outperforms grit blasting. In addition to achieving a quality surface, water jetting:

  • Significantly simplifies clean-up and disposal
  • Minimises operating and maintenance costs
  • Can be performed nearly anywhere
  • Drastically reduces airborne pollutants
  • Removes invisible contaminants (e.g. entrapped chlorides)
  • Is virtually dust-free, so won't damage nearby equipment
  • Operates at lower sound levels
  • Uses minimal water

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