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Tip #31
Increase your productivity with a TORNADO

A Tornado Spin Blaster can more than double your blasting speed and reduce your hourly costs by as much as 50%! The Tornado Spin Blaster is a revolutionary new blasting concept designed to save you time and money.

Tornado Spin Blaster

Blast twice as fast!

Featuring twin blasting nozzles rotating at up to 400rpm, the hand-held Blast-One™ Tornado can more than double your blasting speed up to 1200 square feet (110m²) per hour (these figures may vary depending on site complexities).

The specially designed dual hand grips allow the Tornado™ to be held easily and provides greater control. Further comfort is achieved with a harness which steadies the unit whilst distributing the weight evenly. The Tornado™ is a lightweight unit and weighs in at 11.5lbs (5.3kg).

Cut your abrasives cost using Tornado Blaster

Cut your abrasives cost

With up to 50% less abrasive used, the Tornado also saves you big money on abrasive costs. The blast pattern is up to 10” (250mm) and custom nozzle sizes are available.

The Tornado™ is available from Blast-One™ – new technology keeping up with the blasting industry for now and the future.

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