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Tip #26
All Garnets are NOT equal....

blasting with australian garnet

As with everything, Garnet comes in many different grades and qualities.

The origin, age and location of a Garnet mine determines the quality and grade produced.

Blast-One Australian Garnet.... amongst the hardest and toughest Garnet known to man - weathered and toughened over thousands of years, it does not shatter on impact.

Australian Garnet is not collected on beaches where the salt level is high, but mined inland and then thoroughly cleaned to ensure harmful salt levels are lower than the maximum allowed by industry regulations.

Low Dust - Tough, durable garnet grains produce far less dust when blasting. You can see better, work cleaner and keep neighbors much happier.

Fast Blasting - Each grain achieves more work, which means you move the nozzle faster and on many projects finish the job much sooner!

Use Less - Low consumption means you buy less, load less, clean up less and consequently dispose of less.

Australian Garnet – nature’s pure abrasive.

Australian premium garnet grain is resistant to breakdown
Which type of Garnet recycles best?

Laboratory and field testing has found that Australian Premium Garnet recycles better than Indian or Crushed Garnet (even though Indian or Crushed Garnet may be initially larger in size).

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