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Tip #46
What size whip hose should you use with a 7/16” nozzle?

Most blasting companies around the world utilise a 7/16” nozzle on the business end of their blast hose... sadly, very few companies use the correct size whip hose.

Don’t compromise your nozzle pressure by using a restricting whip hose. Pressure = $$$.

Having at least 100psi at the nozzle is a must for blasting contractors. Contractors are running their compressors for 6-8hrs/day, burning diesel at over $7/gallon (it’s an expensive operation). All blasting contractors should take a nozzle pressure reading every day – it’s the most accurate health check – and it takes less than one minute to do.

Have a look at the chart below with our hose size recommendations.nozzle whiphose table

 Additional sizes.
nozzle whiphose table

To make your blaster's job easier utilise a Supa-Flex whip hose but keep it as short as possible. (We recommend between 10-25ft).

Recommendation: Don't use too small a whip hose.

Whip Hose

Action Items

1. Check your size whip hose today, if it is too small call us and we can ship you a correctly sized whip hose direct to your jobsite today.

2. Ensure that your blasting foreman checks the nozzle pressure every day at the start of the shift – it is the health check of your entire blasting system and it only takes one minute a day
a. If you have less then 100psi – call us and we can help.
b. If you don’t have a nozzle pressure gage – we can also help ($99 this week).


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