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Tip #94
Why it is important to install Andreae Spray Booth Filters correctly?

Did you know the uniquely designed Andreae Spray Booth Exhaust Filter is more than just a ‘Paint Catcher’, and it is therefore very important to install them correctly.

Andreae Filter is an Airflow Distributor! The perforated design of the Andreae Filter acts as a Diffusor Panel that spreads the airflow of the Exhaust Fan across the face of the filter wall, which thus provides even airflow throughout the workarea of your Spray Booth.

Be sure to install your filter correctly which is eight (8) Pleats per 300mm/1ft.

Andreae Filters

ACTION: Keeping your Andreae Filters in top condition will ensure your workspace is being ventilated at the compliant rate, and ensures your worker’s safety.

Andreae Filters


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