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Tip #93
Why use an ANDREAE Spray Booth Filter?

ANDREAE Filters can hold an enormous amount of overspray! Compared to traditional fibreglass mesh-type exhaust filters the ANDREAE Filter can hold up to THREE TIMES (3x) the amount of overspray before filter change-out is needed. It is a large waste paint container!

Overspray is held in the deep V-pockets that make up the filter’s unique design, and gives the filter enormous holding capacity.

Not only that, the overspray is captured OUT OF THE AIRSTREAM meaning the filter can load up to 60% of its capacity without there being any significant reduction in airflow. (Unlike Mesh-type Filters that start blocking as soon as they start being used.)

Andreae Filters

ACTION: Changing your System to ANDREAE Filters will ensure your Spray Booth performs, while you spend less time on maintenance, and more time making money!!

Andreae Filters

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